Centuries of expertise in each bottle...Louis XIII: The King of Cognac


In the drinks industry, age often stands for quality. The general trend is that the longer it is aged, the better the final result once finally enjoyed. However, while it may be standard practice for the age of premium spirits to be counted in years if not decades, there are a handful of spirits whose creation can be measured in centuries.

One such masterpiece is Louis XIII. The ultra-premium offshoot of the already prestigious House of Rémy Martin, it takes its name from the reigning monarch at the time of its parent’s founding in 1724. One-hundred-and-fifty years later, Louis XIII as a brand was born, and the idea of the world’s greatest cognac along with it.

Created from 1,200 separate eaux-de-vie of only the highest standard, put aside from the very best of the production from the House of Rémy Martin specifically for inclusion in Louis XIII. Each eau-de-vie is aged from forty years to a century, maturing and growing in quality and depth of flavour until it is ready to become but a fraction of the king of cognacs for which it was.

With such lengths of time involved, more than patience is required to fully realise the best cognac in the world. The expertise required takes more than one person can gather throughout their life. Each bottle of Louis XIII is the product of four generations of Cellar Masters. The hardest part is not necessarily the blending of the eaux-de-vie, the final and most critical stage in cognac production. While this is indeed an important step towards the completion of loves labours, it is the eaux-de-vie themselves that require the utmost knowledge and finesse.

The Cellar Master must be able to anticipate how each will age, how time will influence the flavours and depth of the individual parts and how they will eventually contribute to the whole. The Cellar Master’s art is never more pronounced than in this endeavour and, seeing as they will be working on a cognac they are likely never to sample in its fruition, a true testament to their passion and devotion. Once blended the Cognac is then aged up to a hundred years in tierçons used uniquely for the purpose until it reaches its final perfection.

There are myriad discrete and seductive flavours present in Louis XIII that even an attentive taster would need years to identify, meaning that each encounter with Louis XIII is a fresh discovery, each taste entirely new. This creates the unique depth and luxurious intensity evident in each drop.

While the elixir inside may embody centuries of the Cellar Master’s craft, the decanter in which it is presented is a work of art in itself. A replica of a metal flask found on the battlefield of Jarnac, Each is a unique sculpture in crystal, hand-made by the perfect synchronization of 11 separate artisans. First the bottle itself is blown using traditional techniques, before the distinctive crystal ornamentation is applied by hand and the neck is applied with 24-carat gold. As a finishing touch, each decanter is numbered before being imbued with Louis XIII.

With centuries of expertise condensed into each decanter, 1,200 separate eaux-de-vie, each of which flawless in their depth and intensity, and the prestige of the House of Rémy Martin behind it, one taste confirms that which these qualities attest to, that Louis XIII truly is the King of Congnac.

Please enjoy Louis XIII Premium Cognac responsibly.

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