Ziryab, the new contemporary International Fine dining spot in the heart of the Pearl, sets the tone strongly from the outset, with an entrance that looks more like an exclusive VIP Dining Lounge. Welcoming Staff lead diners to their reserved tables.

From all around the restaurant, guests can see the outdoor view. It is an immense, multifaceted space, with a large dining area overlooking windows to the street, nestled between cozy looking, semi-private dining areas cut into dividers, and a secluded VIP lounge. While not overly adorned, the space is stunning and the ambience intimate and sultry.

First to arrive at the table, a colorful welcome drink and a chef’s treat amuse bouche followed with fresh-tasting breads.

Among the mountain of little plates that appear, the vast majority of dishes are exceedingly prepared with creativity and an imaginative use of fine dining recipes and ingredients.

Ziryab is so utterly, cohesively and creatively true to the spirit of Doha, it comes as a surprise that no one has thought of this concept before. Combining the fine dining excellence in presentation, cooking and service of Doha’s best haunts, Ziryab brings to it international flair but in modernized measures. Add to that Ziryab’s clear attraction as a VIP Restaurant & Lounge, It is a groundbreaking venture.


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