The artisans at the luxury brand Hermès have just announced their latest high jewelry interpretation of the classic watch design. Dubbed the Faubourg Joaillerie, the timepiece is dotted with 652 diamonds and is made of 18k white gold.

Named after the location of Hermès’ flagship store at 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the design of the watch is a succinct tribute to understated luxury, an area in which the brand excels. A tiny dial of the Faubourg Joaillerie looks very sleek and elegant. It is a classic timepiece with a shade of retro, reminiscent of the 40s of the last century when women’s wrist watches decorated or not were tiny and very simple, even if they were manufactured in gold and precious stones.

The face of the Faubourg Joaillerie draws a beautiful pattern on the dial seamlessly covering the soft curves of the 16.3mm case. To craft a light weight to this watch, the masters of horology left the gem-setting free of gold patterns. Created with precision by repeatedly readjusting, the bracelet of the watch is adorned with 388 diamonds and the serves as an ideal extension of the watch.

Hermès Faubourg Joaillerie watch features a white gold dial, set with 112 diamonds. The 16.3 mm case is coated in 18k white gold and perfected  with 152 diamonds.


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